Pearl Daisy

Symbol - Cube Petite Hoojab

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The simplicity of a plain weave scarf offset with square studs is nothing but pure art. Symmetrical, subtly reflecting the colours of each fabric, the studs line the front edge of the Petite Hoojabs. They have a low-key metallic shine that doesn't detract or dominate the rest of your outfit, making these scarves easy to style whether you're going for a classic or an edgy look. With the CUBE Petite Hoojabs, the studs frame the face perfectly as the hooded part sits comfortably on your head. The tight weave viscose material is reminiscent of linen - tough but not stiff. A must-have for your collection.

Colour:  Brown

Material: 100% Viscose

Size: Approx Longer side 77cm x 47cm; Shorter side 57cm x 47cm

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