Pearl Daisy

Bottle Green - Silken Large Hijab

£8.40 GBP £11.99 GBP
The Silken range is a stunning new line of scarves unlike any other texture we have released before. It's a faux silk material which is lightweight, soft, and incredibly luxurious. The finish has a soft sheen to it which mimics the elegant look of silk and can easily be worn with either formal or casual outfits.
The generous size gives you extra options for styling. The cool fabric is a joy to wear in warmer climates.
Please note that due to the delicate nature of the fabric, small pulls in the thread may appear as they naturally formed during the production process. These are undetectable when worn and may vary from scarf to scarf. As with other delicate hijabs, small pin holes may appear after pinning the scarf using our hijab pins or no-snag hijab pins.

Material:100% Polyester

Size:approx 180cm x 95cm

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