Dark Chocolate Chiffon Hi-Lo Hoojab

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New and improved chiffon, The material is known as Silky Chiffon however is not made from Silk. This range has been custom dyed to specific hand picked colours of Amena's Choice.

The Hi-Lo Hoojab was designed by Amena to enable easy and lightweight coverage, with endless styling possibilities in drapes, twists, folds and more! The "hoojab" is a "hijab" with a "hood", and was actually named in a live YouTube video! The Hoojab will enable you to create lots of folds and draping with ease, without needing bulky hijabs. With a plethora of tutorials made on YouTube and the Pearl Daisy blog by Amenakin and other Daisies, you can either browse for ideas or (like most Hoojab lovers) make up your own custom style!

Material: Chiffon 100% Polyester
Size: Longer Side 170cm x 45cm

         Shorter side 140cm x 45cm

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