What is a Hoojab?

The most frequently asked questions are ‘what is a Hoojab‘ and ‘how does it differ from a hijab’? Both are

really good questions. The name came about based off the design. It is a hijab with a hood… thus Hoojab!


I invented the Hoojab many years ago when I started wearing hijab. I whipped out my trusty sewing machine

and started to design it. The Hoojab gives more coverage without the bulk. Enjoy folds without wrestling

around with loads and loads of extra material.


Pearl Daisy currently has three different types. The Hoojab, the Hi-Lo Hoojab, and the Wing Hoojab.

Each design varies based on the needs of an individual but the basic elements remain the same: a hood

with two long bits attached to provide full coverage.


The Hoojab


The Hoojab is based on my original design which had a seam down the center. The Hoojab

has a large hood with no center seam and it provides maximum coverage. There are two pieces of

material that come down the side vertically which are the same length.

The Hoojab is made for the average wearer. If you are very petite this design may have a bit more

fabric than you would wish. Also, if you have wider shoulders or a larger chest then the Hoojab

might not have enough coverage. On most people the Hoojab is perfect. Click here for a tutorial!


The Hi-Lo Hoojab


The Hi-Lo Hoojab is the same as the Hoojab in all ways except for one: One side is shorter than

the other. This Hoojab style is perfect for our petite to average sized sisters who have extra fabric

when they are trying to style the Hoojab. Click here for a tutorial. 


The Wing Hoojab


The Wing Hoojab is pretty self explanatory. The fabric attached to the hood goes out horizontally. This

gives more coverage along the shoulders, chest, and back. The hood is lined with strings attached so

you can secure it under your chin or behind your head. These features were added so sisters don’t

have to wear an underscarf if they don’t want to. Click here for a tutorial.

There are many sisters that own all three styles to get different looks from them. There are many

different styles to try or strike out on your own and experiment. Some wear it as a snood or layer two

Hoojabs to give a different look.

I hope this helps!