Pearl Daisy

Maple - Nudiversal Petite Hoojab

£7.99 GBP £14.99 GBP

No matter the size of your scarf collection, nude tones are always a necessity! Our new Nudiversal range are perfection personified: universal shades of nude that can be worn with both bold or nude coloured outfits. With a soft, silky chiffon material that has a slight stretch, these can be worn with ease all year round. Whether you match the shades or combine with darker pops of colour, the Nudiversal range is sure to elevate your style. Ultimate classics that you'll want to wear for years to come. Available as Hijabs, Hoojabs and Petite Hoojabs.

Material:  100% Polyester

Size: Approx Approx Longer side 77cm x 47cm Shorter side 57cm x 47cm

Colour: Golden Beige

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