Pearl Daisy

Black Viscose Earhole Underscarf

£1.99 GBP £3.25 GBP

New and improved Earhole Underscarves, a *NEW* Pearl Daisy exclusive, were actually first suggested by a Daisy! Sister Gillian Blundon pitched the idea a few years ago, so I set to designing and making mock-ups of the idea, until I'd gotten the perfect earhole shape in the perfect location! This should fit everyone, iA! The material is an improvement on the earlier jersey fabric, the majority being viscose.  I really hope that this makes it easier for sisters who get ear aches from wearing underscarves, and also those who wish to get easier access to their ears for stethoscopes and earphones.

Material : 95% Viscose 5% Elastane


Size: One Size adjustable string

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