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The Makeup Looks on #BelieveInYou

By Paula Durance

Hi everyone!

My name is Paula Durance and I was the MUA on the #BelieveInYou campaign. Amena is a long time close friend of mine and when she told me about her vision for this campaign I got so excited and couldn't wait to get started on the makeup looks.

I really enjoyed working on the Believe In You campaign. The campaign has such a powerful message and it meant such a lot to be a part of it. We were surrounded by many wonderful and inspiring people. I had fun whilst working hard, which helps to make my work so rewarding. We were a great team and I wanted to work hard to make sure all the models had the perfect looks using Ardere Cosmetics Palettes.

The day went so fast! It ran so smoothly and came together like a well oiled machine. It was clear that a lot of hard work went into organising the day. It was obvious that everyone involved enjoyed their time on the shoot. For some models it was their first time having their makeup up done or being involved in a shoot. The models were soon at ease and enjoying the moment. Each person involved believed in the message and shared their candid views and experiences which was so interesting and humbling at the same time. The models were all so diverse, their look, their culture and the stories they shared. We tried to reflect that in the looks we created for them.

The first model we had the pleasure of meeting was Rupinder. For Rupinder’s look we used the Ardere Queen Palette. The shades used for the look were Romance, Love, Courage and Alluring. This look was created based on her beautiful traditional Indian outfit and dusty pink scarf. We kept the look fresh and pretty whilst using a modern dramatic and smokey effect. We also used the Supermodel blusher from the Ardere Smokey Eyeshadow and Blush Palette.

The next model we worked with was the lovely Fadumo. For Fadumo we used the Smokey Palette. The shades used for this look were Classic & Smoulder. We wanted a classic soft matt vintage look with a sharp winged linger and red lip. These shades were perfect for her skin tone and to complement her outfit and scarf colour. The blusher shade called Garnet was used from Ardere Jewels Eyeshadow and Blush Palette.

Nabila was next in the make up chair. We went for a classic smoky everyday look using the Ardere Natural to Night Palette. For Nabila we chose the Peachy, Tea time and Stylish shades, with a pop of Sultry in the middle of the eyelid. Nabila also has a blusher from the Ardere range. We chose Backstage Blusher to compliment this look and the clothes she wore.

After Nabila we met Charlotte. Charlotte has a English Rose skin tone and gorgeous lips so we went for a very light matt smoky look. The shades we used were Nude and Classic from the Smokey Eyeshadow and Blush Palette. We also used a little bit of both the Backstage and Supermodel Blushers from the same palette. We emphasised the lips with a deep glossy berry colour.

Finally we met Leigh-Anne. For Leigh-Anne we went for a dramatic smoky look with bronzed glowing skin and nude glossy lips. We used a mixture of three Ardere Palettes - Queen, Jewels and Smokey. For the eyes we used Love, Courage, Powerful and Drama. The blusher we decided upon was the Garnet & Backstage. The scarf worn around her neck worked well with the overall look.

We were pleased with the finished looks on all the models. Each of the models feedback to us nothing but positive compliments which is what makes our job so worthwhile. Thank you ladies!

Love from Paula


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