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The #BelieveInYou Campaign video

Let's hear everyone's stories...

Click on each name below...

Amena's Story: Journey to Wholeness
Asma's Story: A Grieving Daughter
Charlotte's Story: From Self-Loathing to Self-Compassion
Fadumo's Story: Receiving and Giving Hope
Leigh-Anne's Story: Overcoming Self Doubt
Nabila's Story: Following your Heart
Rupinder's Story: Embracing my Identity
Tajal's Story: Finding Inner Confidence

Connect, reflect and comment. Tell us your story...


Hi everyone

I hope you're all well. It's been a while, and we've been doing lots behind the scenes to expand the Pearl Daisy website. To launch this expansion, the first phase is to give you a taste of what we're about and where we're heading. This isn't just a business for me - it's a community where I felt supported when I first came online, an ever evolving baby that started in 2010 and is now a household name tied to the "good old days" when we all logged on to social media for a dose of inspiration, and motivation.


Now that social media has grown so much, it's a world of its own, and I find myself actively needing to seek out the things that uplift me; things that bring a bit of positivity to my day, or that push me to learn and discover new things about myself or the world around me. That's where Pearl Daisy is heading right now.

I am so proud to present to you one of the most important pieces of work I've done since I began working on social media. This is the #BelieveInYou campaign - a project I've worked on tirelessly for the past few months. From crafting the campaign to organising the filming day, visuals, story angles, directing, producing, audio and editing of all the content... for me, this has definitely been a passion project that has been another dream come true. 


The goal of the campaign was simple - to inspire women to believe in themselves, no matter what. To do this, I wanted to share stories from women who were brave enough to open up to me on camera, to be vulnerable and talk about their struggles, innermost thoughts and triumphs on this journey we call Life. 


I encourage you to listen to these women (close your eyes if it helps), and find your story amongst their words. Find yourself in them. These stories are real, raw and show the intricate connectedness of the human experience. We're all connected. Empathy helps us to find each other's humanity, in a world where we're divided by people who cite superficial differences between us in order to make us feel insecure. We're encouraged to compete with each other, compare one another and put each other down. Whether this is online or offline, it seems to be a phenomena that presents itself across all segments of society in one way or another. 

We all have a story. Sometimes, all we need is someone there who says, "I believe in you." This is my commitment to everyone who visits Pearl Daisy. I'm building a community where women feel safe to be themselves and know that others have their back, whether it's through supportive comments, storytelling, sharing ideas or just sending prayers and good energy.

Everyone is fighting invisible battles. Life can get exhausting. At Pearl Daisy, we want to extend a hand in giving you an online home where you can be inspired, empowered, flawed and... simply... yourself. We support your self discovery and personal development, and hope that you'll share your thoughts and reflections with us.


If you'd like to submit your 'story' for us to consider publishing on this blog, email your article to submissions@pearl-daisy.com - I look forward to reading them.

Lots of love,






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  • Posted On November 12, 2018 by Francissmups

    Hello and bye

  • Posted On October 27, 2018 by sunshine

    This makes me realise that everyone has got a form of battle which they are fighting internally. These stories show how connected we all are as women. Well done for taking on this campaign.

  • Posted On October 27, 2018 by Mrssparkler

    I really loved listening to these stories. I was just going through some tough problems in my life, but these just really opened my eyes. I need to first take care of myself before I stress about other people and their opinions. Thank you Amenable!

  • Posted On October 27, 2018 by Maimona

    You’re an amazing and rare voice on the public platform…. Well done on this wonderful campaign and it’s brave concept! We love you, X

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