Nabila's Story: Following your Heart

As part of our #BelieveInYou campaign, here is Nabila's story. We hope her words give you comfort, reassurance, hope and strength. We encourage you to share your reflections in the comments below.


A few more words from Nabila:


Hi! I'm Nabz Pat and for the past year, I've been making comedy videos on YouTube. 
If there's one saying I live by, it's that - laughter truly is the the best medicine. I've seen it first hand with loved ones who've found great joy and relief from a good old laugh! 
Nothing beats the excitement of creatively discovering humour in serious issues - whether it's the absurdities of bigotry or even everyday relatable matters.
And since making comedy videos, I've done stand up comedy too! People say stand-up is as scary as jumping out of an aeroplane. But I'd rather not crash land with my jokes, so I'm too busy plotting my next punchline than being fearful.
If you're interested in seeing my comedy videos, you can catch me on:

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