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February is almost over.

And it may not be officially spring yet but we are so looking forward to slip into our pastel spring modestwear, our perfect blazers, floral tops and textured hijabs, that we are looking for ways to incorporate those happy, spring vibes without waiting any longer, or risking getting cold while we’re out and about on a starry chilly night.

There are ways to take our trusted knitwear from winter to spring seamlessly and bring new life to our sweater weather outfits as we march into spring.


Shift from dark, moody knits to light, soft hues of pink, blue and yellow.

 Nothing says spring like saccharine pastels and plush fabrics.


Even the most winterish jumper or knit dress looks and feels more appropriate for spring with a touch of glitter. The best part is that you don’t even have to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe of knitwear. Simply throw on one of our new shimmer hijabs and you are good to go. Easy Peasy!


When it gets a bit warmer, we are swapping our heavy coats with a lovely lightweight blazer, but we are keeping our cable knits.

 A blazer over a knit is the easiest way to stay both chic and warm at the same time. Finish the look with a subtle hijab or hoojab and remember:



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