How I got rid of my acne (hormonal acne)

My Acne

I've had major acne 3 times in my life: as a teenager (it spread all over my face), during both pregnancies, and finally postpartum (after my second baby).

The first time my acne cleared I was using homeopathic medicine. But when I got it again during pregnancy I decided not to use anything (I was trying to use minimal chemicals during this time).

Then, postpartum after my second baby, I decided to tackle the acne but not with homeopathic products. The reason is because it had been a while since I had teenage acne, so I couldn't be sure how much of my acne cleanup could be attributed to the homeopathic medicine and how much was a result of natural hormone balancing over time. So, I researched for other natural ways to deal with hormonal acne.

I knew it was hormonal because most of the spots were in my chin and jaw area, and they were persistent. No skincare helped and the spots stuck around for ages. Some were small and pink and others were deep and cystic, lurking under the skin, often a little painful. I usually research a LOT of stuff - it's a bit of a hobby - and the Science part of how things work has always fascinated me.



That's when I stumbled upon Magnesium Oil.

Magnesium is present in our foods and water, but over time magnesium levels have decreased in our diet due to various factors such as GM foods and the overall quality of our diets and of the soil itself. As women our daily allowance of magnesium is around 320mg per day but a lot us barely even reach our goal by half.

Research has shown us that a lack of magnesium may put our heart and health at risk. Studies also show that people who are lacking in magnesium have various health issues which are related to magnesium deficiency - things like anxiety, muscle pains and even insomnia. Superficially, the effects also show up on our skin. Hence our nemesis ACNE *cue ominous music*... so, the way to put this vital nutrient back into our bodies is to use supplements.

The supplements I researched are pills and topical application products.

Apparently, Magnesium pills can cause some digestive issues and might not allow maximum delivery of the mineral into the body. The best method of increasing magnesium levels is to replenish them transdermally (through the skin), which means using it in sprays, lotions and bath soaks. This was right up my alley... any excuse for a pamper! Magnesium Oil spray was the product that worked for me. Here's a photo of mine... behold... my prized possession...



How to use Magnesium Oil Spray

I started using Magnesium Oil spray daily, spraying 10 times on my body. Sometimes I divided the sprays between my arms, thighs and legs; other times I rubbed it into my tummy or my back (hubby came in handy here). Whatever your preference, you spray 10 times all over the body every day, after a shower.

You never spray on any active acne or wounds. You never spray on your face, either, even if your acne is on your face. The reason is that the magnesium gets absorbed through your skin and enters your bloodstream. It then gets delivered around your body that way. Since this type of acne was caused by a hormonal imbalance, the magnesium intake into my bloodstream helped to balance out my hormones by getting right to the root of the problem.

Worth noting here is that some people will ITCH like mad when applying this. Itching is actually a sign that your body is deficient in magnesium; the more you itch, the more your body is lacking magnesium. Mine itched a lot in the beginning but decreased over time.


When I saw results

Then the amazing thing happened. My postpartum acne - which hadn't stopped for months - ceased spreading within a few days. Within 2 weeks the acne had mostly cleared up. TWO WEEKS!!! Then, another week later and it had cleared up fully. I cannot tell you the actual JOY I felt. I was finally getting some confidence back.

Now you guys get why I'm always raving about magnesium oil... no I don't have shares in the magnesium oil business haha. It's because I genuinely swear by this stuff and it WORKS. Now if your acne is not hormonal, I can't say how effective this method is, so make sure you explore all the possibilities (there's dietary acne, stress related acne, acne caused my skincare or beauty products, etc).

Also, disclaimer part here: magnesium oil is a supplement and might not work for you in the same way it works for others so please seek advice from your doctor before you start taking it, especially if you're pregnant or TTC.


Long term usage

Nowadays I use magnesium oil spray in bouts of a few days every month or so for maintenance. I increase this to every day usage for 2 weeks if I foresee a hormonal breakout.

Since using the spray I have noticed my joint pain reduced (I used to get a lot after having kids) and my hormonal acne went away. My periods became more regular and any time I felt hormonal spots coming back, I'd restart the oil usage and the spot would never come up or clear up WAY quicker than before.

For maintenance, I do magnesium flake bath soaks every month, and magnesium flake foot soaks a few times a month in the winter. On occasion I spray the magnesium oil just for prevention and to keep the hormones in good check! The oil is a lot "stronger" so I recommend this for tackling active acne; the flakes are better for maintenance and prevention.

Incorporating magnesium into my health-care routine has changed my life for the better. As far as acne is concerned, I did a few more things to get rid of my acne (the non-hormonal kind) - I've talked about these lifestyle and dietary changes in my video here. I'm also dedicated to a daily skincare routine which I share in this other video.

I hope this method helps you xx


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