As the end of the winter approaches and with our hibernation levels still high, we are looking for ways to boost our mood and enhance the cosy vibes while braving the elements before spring winks at us from a distance.

And what better way to embrace these cold days and create a warm atmosphere with super soft textures, relaxed silhouettes and a subtle colour palette to take our modestwear to another level?


A plush, velvet pair of wide leg trousers in a dusty rose shade, a black long blazer draped over a polo neck top and a beautiful hijab wrapped around you, to relish the cocoon vibes. It’s the perfect antidote to chilly nights and breezy mornings when we find the ultimate bliss as the sound of the kettle indicates that the water is ready to become tea.

Fashion has the power to turn those gloomy dark days into an opportunity for celebration of all things warm and fuzzy. Modest fashion, simple, but very chic and effortlessly elegant, enriched with beautiful accessories, lush hijab styles and rich fabrics to add layers of warmth and personality to each of your looks.

Grab your favourite dress, your eco-friendly travel mug, and your pastel nude scarf, consciously savour each day, and chase the sunrays while refocusing on all the good, positive bits.

 Dress for the weather while still looking stylish and modern to brighten your mood: yours and everyone else’s around you!

Style, much like joy, is contagious.

It’s the small things that make us smile, and it’s all the little details that make all the difference in the world. Like a pair of wispy soft eyelashes, lightweight and fluttery to give your eyes an ethereal charm, guilt free, as they are 100% cruelty free, made from luxury synthetic fibres, to give you one more reason to smile! Get yours on sale here, smile with your eyes and spread the joyful vibes like confetti!


There are only a few winter weeks left and instead of bringing focus to the sunless sky, we wilfully choose to embrace it and take it upon us to keep our spirits high, lighten up, smudge on a bright lipstick and keep the blahs at bay!

Because after all,

joy, much like style is contagious

and with the right mood boosting fashion, we can and we will embrace both!

We’ll raise our cup of tea to that, and before we go chase the sun, let us remind you that there’s a super exciting 30% off sale on Pearl Daisy until Monday, so make sure to use the code: PD30

The code applies to all orders over £5!

See you there!







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