Charlotte's Story: From Self-Loathing to Self-Compassion

As part of our #BelieveInYou campaign, here is Charlotte's story. We hope her words give you comfort, reassurance, hope and strength. We encourage you to share your reflections in the comments below.


Charlotte is wearing the Mink Nude Hijab for this campaign.


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This was so touching, we don’t get to hear about this enough – it is a mental disease, not something that is chosen for vanity!
Thank you Charlotte for sharing your story.

Nainz October 31, 2018

I am a single mum of three, full time job , doing a part time degree and trying to set up my beuty busuiness.Make up makes me feel amazing, when I am applying it I forget all that stress and pain …..i nearly lost my children when I left their dad but then just kept giving them the most powerful thing in the world…LOVE……now they kiss me hold me and tell me they are so proud of me….they keep me going I would be lost without them……
I now feel I need to inspire people in a messy relationship to break free…dont let anyone hold you down….be your self…inspire others…

Miriam October 28, 2018

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