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This campaign was all about connection. What happened behind the scenes was beautiful. There was this vulnerable, positive energy between everyone involved, no matter what their story or how long they spent there. Here's a behind the scenes look...



I'd like to thank all the ladies who were brave enough to open up to me on camera: Tajal, Fadumo, Charlotte, Leigh-Anne, Rupinder, Asma and Nabila. I'd also like to thank the photographers, Qaasim and Awal from AQ Visuals. To my husband (and fellow camera-person on this shoot), Osaama - thank you for believing in me and my vision for this campaign. To my sister, Zainab, who assisted on the day - I love you and it means so much that you wanted to support me. My friend, Paula Durance, was not only an incredible makeup artist on the day, but has been a source of love and support for me for years. Thank you. And thanks to Sarah her interpreter for joining us and for being such a good sport. Thanks also to Faizan for filming behind the scenes. Finally, a huge thanks to my son, Ibraheem, and my daughter, Aleena, who were so patient and supportive during the day, in the lead up to the day and the days following where their mummy was totally tied up with this awesome campaign.


Watch the final montage of the video here.


Connect with the stories by clicking on the below...

Amena's Story: Journey to Wholeness
Asma's Story: A Grieving Daughter
Charlotte's Story: From Self-Loathing to Self-Compassion
Fadumo's Story: Receiving and Giving Hope
Leigh-Anne's Story: Overcoming Self Doubt
Nabila's Story: Following your Heart
Rupinder's Story: Embracing my Identity
Tajal's Story: Finding Inner Confidence


If you'd like to submit your 'story' for us to consider publishing on this blog, email your article to submissions@pearl-daisy.com - I look forward to reading them.

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  • Posted On October 29, 2018 by paula durance

    Ahhhhh love love watching this, myself and Sarah loved being part of this wonderful campaign and we hope it makes a difference to many people xxx
    ps was such a great team and couldn’t have asked to work with anything better!x

  • Posted On October 28, 2018 by Nainz

    This is brilliant. Loved being on the inside of this powerful campaign. Ibraheem and Osaama are hilarious!

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